UNCCD Land Ambassador and renowned singer Baaba Maal returned to his native Senegal in December to headline the annual Blues de Fleuve festival and make a contribution to the global sustainable development through agriculture. His non-profit organization NANN-K works to bring to life his vision of helping rural people in Senegal to set up their own sustainable agricultural businesses, with secured public and private financing.
The name “NANN-K” in Pulaar language spells out the initial letters of the five crucial elements that the organization addresses: agriculture, fishing, livestock farming, culture and technology access. While in Podor, Baaba Maal visited the irrigation programme implemented by NANN-K to support local farming and create work opportunities for thousands of people in construction, harvesting, processing and shipping. In the future, the organization will focus on projects related to commercial fishing, modernization of agrotechnologies and preventing desertification.

To inspire environmental movement against desertification that spares no continent, Baaba Maal, in collaboration with another UNCCD Land Ambassador Ricky Kej, recently released the music video for the UNCCD official Land Anthem “Born from the Land.”