‘Fulani Rock’ is a high-energy, electronic infused drum-driven tribute to his homeland, written about the Fulani Tribe, which is close to Baaba’s heart as he describes both himself and his people with the title of his new single release. The track has been remixed by Germany’s Henrik Schwarz and DJ Spoko from South Africa. See the video below for the original track and Henrik Schwarz’ remix. Further remixes are in the works so check back again soon for more updates.

Language is a weapon. I’m not using it to destroy but to build bridges and bring people together. I am a messenger of the people so every ones voice can be heard. It is my duty and honour to use my voice to represent my people. Baaba Maal I didn’t know Baaba Maal’s music before but when I heard the original of the track I knew this is going to be special. A lot of African music touches me and it’s often more than just a groove, melody or a sound. It seems like a portal to a spiritual world where everything is connected. Henrik Schwartz

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